The pub near Nishi 11-chome Station is wide in store

We have large private rooms and digging dishes

A well-regarded pub in Nishi 11-chome can be used for year-end parties and welcome receptions, etc., because the inside of the store is large while the station Chika is a shop. In addition, because you have prepared an all-you-can-drink plan, it will be useful for banquets with a large number of people. Of course, we have a wide range of alcohol from highball to wine.
Not to mention that the popular Sakaba Marunouchi is a delicious sashimi platter and dishes such as beef Tataki salad, but it is also a highly rated izakaya in that it has large private rooms and dugout seating. There is no need for digging and sitting, so anyone can enjoy the banquet with an easy attitude. Please be sure to visit us as it is a nice and welcoming shop.

Assorted sashimi using fresh fish is popular

Enjoy together with sake and beer


Popular sake bar Sannomaru recommends sake.

Beef is very crunchy and popular with both men and women


We will introduce information that you are interested in

We publish information that can be utilized when you visit the store


We introduce delicious dishes and received sake

It is a blog that a pub with delicious fish is open to the public


We have stores close to the station and the hotel


Store name

Popular bar area Ginomaru

Street address

10-chome Minamiichijo Nishi Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido Arita Estate Building 2F

phone number
business hours

17: 00-23: 45

Regular holiday

Fixed holiday


The pub located near Nishi 11-Chome Station has a store on the second floor of the building facing the main street, with a large signboard visible from the other side of the intersection. It's very close to the station, and it's easy to understand the location, so it's the perfect place for a large gathering of banquets. Of course we also offer an all-you-can-drink plan, so if you are looking for a pub in Sapporo, please come by all means.

About us

The hottest izakaya in Nishi 11-chome has good freshness of fish

Popular izakayas around Nishi 11-chome Station offer fresh cuisine

We have a lot of specialties using fresh ingredients, including fish caught in various places in Hokkaido such as Kushiro and Akkeshi. The most popular menu is sashimi platter, and we offer high quality fish without stubbornness. There are also a wide variety of sakes that go well with sashimi, such as those brewed in Hokkaido and refreshing Niigata sake, so you can combine them to suit your taste. In addition, the meat dish has a good reputation, among which the beef tataki salad, which combines crunchy beef with fresh vegetables, is popular. We use cattle and pigs grown gently in the northern land, so customers who come here will be able to enjoy the taste of Hokkaido from various aspects such as fish, meat and even sake. .
In order to enjoy not only food but also the atmosphere of the store, we provide detailed guidance regarding customer service, so we will provide courteous hospitality by trained staff. Of course, it is also open on Sundays, so please come if you are interested.

Very convenient because there is a tavern within walking distance from Nishi 11-chome Station

You can visit the store in a few minutes from Nishi 11-chome Station. When choosing a banquet place, the most important thing is the price and quality of the food, but the distance from each station, such as the station and the hotel, will greatly contribute to the final satisfaction. It is very dangerous for a person who has become very comfortable when he / she enjoys drinking too much during a banquet to walk along the way to the station or hotel in that state for a long time alone. If you get involved in an accident on your way home, your banquet will be spoiled. The store is located in a building facing the main street, and you can visit the store without hesitation because you can see the signboard from the intersection. Since it is open in a location that can be relieved even for liquor lovers, please come first.
In the case of banquets, there are many people who are troubled with how to collect participation fees, and there are many cases where it takes time. However, since card payment is also accepted, it can be done smoothly without any hassle at the time of accounting. It has been used by many secretaries, so please feel free to use it at various banquets such as year-end parties and New Year parties.